Do you have summer plans? Do you fear being bored? Do you have any interest in the arts? Are you looking for new friendships to last a life time? WELL LOOK NO FURTHER! Summerstock is just around the corner! The Acting Studio with R.A.I.S.E Repertory Theatre is introducing this years 5 sessions of summerstock! The first three are the traditional Musical Theatre Intensive that introduced me to the people I'll be friends with forever. Session 4 is designed to help students better understand the college and professional audition process and prepare them for the future. Session Five is focused on cosplay development! Cosplay is a lot of fun but a lot of people don't see the hard work that goes into it. Session Five exposes students to the behind the scenes aspects of theatre and helps them apply it to cosplay! If you or your child is looking for something to do this summer, send them our way for arts teaching like no other. "

Katie Woodward 11th Grade


Everything I know

"The Acting Studio is the perfect definition of love. The teachers care about their students and give them a wonderful environment to explore their acting craft and making sure that they always try new roles and different types of theatre. Actors learn to be flexible and work with any person; a skill that helps an actor greatly. The people there are some of the closest friends you will ever have. i urge anyone to see one of their shows or participate in their programs. It won't be a mistake."

Tara Huskin Graduate (Attended for 11 years)


A Home Away From Home

"It Is The Best Place you could ever Be... Where you are Loved and Valued With the most Amazing Teacher's EVER!! You are Blessed if you are a part of this Acting Studio!!!"



"Two Thumbs Up!"

"I cannot even begin to explain this place. This place is my safe place. Not only have I grown as a performer, but as a person. The people in the studio are the funniest, smartest and most talented group of people I have ever met. The Studio wouldn't be so magical without the guidance of the Watsons. They have this way of reminding you daily, without even telling you, that you are loved. Never will I have a completely terrible day because I know that the studio is there, always. If you want great talent, and some lifelong friends, join the studio. I can assure you it will be one of the best decisions you will ever make."

Cassie Short Graduate (attended for 6 years)


For more than just Acting!

"The Acting Studio is an absolute positive wonder! Not only are the teaching and the productions awesome, the environment encourages each child's individuality, peer acceptance and risk taking on the stage. The Watsons create a safe setting for children of all ages to feel confident with themselves and this translates to the world beyond the studio, too! Kudos to the Watsons!"



One of the best things that's happened to me!

"The Acting Studio is simply an amazing place. The Watsons are wonderful teachers who give their students a strong foundation in both acting and singing. They truly care about their students and create a safe, fun environment. At the Acting Studio there is never favoritism and every student is given a major role. Because of this, there is no competition between students and everyone is free to simply be friends. The Watsons believe in their students and really give them confidence. This Acting Studio is one of the best things that has happened to me; it's given me the best acting training and the best friends I've ever had."

Kate McColgen Graduate (Attended for 10 years and now is an Instructor)



I've had my fair share of theatre places in the area and I can definitely say that The Acting Studio is beyond incredible! It's like a home away from home, everyone there treats you like family. It's not your typical elementary/middle/high school theatre class. It's full of love, fun, excitement, talent, and wonderful people. Everyone takes turns and gets the chance to be the lead in the play. After weeks of rehearsal it's almost as if magic happens because of the amazing show that is put on by kids who love and enjoy what they're doing. I couldn't recommend anything more fantastic than The Acting Studio!