The Acting Studio uses a Curriculum called "Relevant Art Instruction focused on Self-Esteem."

What does that mean to the student?

It means, each student, is trained in a nurturing environment to reach their full potential.  We teach teamwork and peer support.  Our teachers feel it is their job to help every student achieve their personal best in an atmosphere free of judgement or competition among their peers. This means that we give the time necessary for each student to succeed and that we have multiple casts so that every student is given the opportunity to have an active role that they care about. Whether you are looking for a safe environment to discover your talent or the professional skills needed for a career, the Studio covers everything needed to be successful!

We are also supportive of our parents and offer flexible scheduling and the ability to create your own schedule when it comes to additional rehearsal and performance times!
We know life can be crazy and we want to make things as easy as possible while offering your child a place to grow up and be successful!