Location:      122 Flagship Drive Lutz, FL 33549

Acting and Musical Theatre:  Monday 5:30pm-7:00pm

Character Development: Monday 7:10p-8:30pm

The Acting and Musical Theatre class focuses on all the skills it takes to produce a full length musical.  During our season we offer a musical and non musical piece and we have multiple casts that guarantee that every student receives a role that interests them. We explore in depth study for successful character development.  The class ends with a full length performance open to the public.

The Character Development class is an advanced look at the structure involved in creating a character. Areas like background, family structure, inspiration, motivation and personality and physical traits are explored and the actor is asked to create a character of their own making. The class evolves over the school year as the actors are encouraged to explore all aspects of their characters life including their relationship to other characters in the class. The techniques used in this class are a form of long form improvisation. The class deals with the areas of empathy, emotional motivation and the development of creating a character with depth and believability. I have been teaching the class for ten years and it is very popular and has proved to be very beneficial in helping actors develop their ability to form comfortable dialogue and a believable character and story arc. This also aids them in developing back stories for created characters and developing their ease on stage in all dramatic areas.



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